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You can read our policies on this page about how we collect, use and disclose your personal information when you use our Service. We are committed to protecting the data we trust and being transparent about how we collect, use and distribute this data over the Internet. You trust us with your information when you use our services.

We do everything we can to protect your information and appreciate that you trust us to keep it secure. Your information will not be used or shared with anyone except as specified in this privacy policy.

The following information is intended to help you understand this privacy policy:

What data do we gather, how do we gather it, and why do we gather it? How to update, manage, export, and remove your information, as well as how we can keep it secure.

PURPOSE In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this Policy outlines how we handle your information when you use our website or any other digital platform.

What data do we gather?

When you visit the site, we might gather usage data from you. This allows us to measure and analyze non-identifying usage and volume statistical data, which helps us to improve the site's performance, quality of service, and usefulness.

The following types of information may be collected: the activity of the visitor's browser while they are on the site; the visitor's path through the site; the duration of the visit; and technical information about your browser, internet IP address, and operating system (PC, tablet, or mobile device). Adcrux Media Pvt. Ltd maintains the right to release aggregate, anonymous summaries of its site visitors' demographics for advertising and promotional purposes. Note that this is merely broad summaries of how our visitors have used the site; it is not personal information.

Suggestions and personalization: We utilize the information you provide us to determine your preferences, make recommendations for features, goods, and services that you might find interesting, and customize your time on Adcrux Media Pvt.Ltd .

Interact with you: We may use your personal information to get in touch with you via phone, email, or chat about Adcrux Media Pvt.Ltd Services.

This means that you might be asked for details like your name, phone number, email address, and postal address, among other things. Cookies may be used by Adcrux Media Pvt.Ltd to assist us in gathering and storing this data, as further explained below:


Cookies are small, alphanumeric identifiers that are frequently used as anonymous, unique identifiers. They contain very little data. Cookies are downloaded to your computer's hard drive from the website you visit and are viewed by your browser. Please be aware that a cookie does not grant us access to your machine. These "cookies" are used by our website to gather data and enhance the quality of our services. By selecting the Allow Cookies or I Agree button, you can allow cookies to be stored on your browser. You have the option to disable cookies or view more about the ones we use in the settings. You can find more information about cookies in our website's cookie notice.You can always modify or control your cookies by going into your browser's settings, even if you choose the previously mentioned Allow Cookies or I Agree option. Click browser to view instructions on adjusting your browser's settings.


If you grant us permission, we may use and keep track of your location data. We make use of this data to offer features, enhance, and personalize our offerings. Whenever you use our Service, you can use the settings on your mobile device to enable or disable location services.


We always use the proper organizational and technical security measures to safeguard the data we get from you. To guard against unauthorized or illegal use or alteration of information, as well as against any unintentional loss, destruction, or damage to information, we employ a number of electronic, procedural, and physical security measures. However, there is no completely safe way to store or transmit data electronically over the Internet. As a result, we are unable to ensure complete security.

Modifications and Updates

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time in accordance with new features, services, or products offered by Adcrux Media Pvt.Ltd, changes to applicable laws, and/or advancements in industry-standard privacy and security procedures. You can check if there have been any changes since you last used the Site by looking at the effective date, which is listed at the bottom of each page of this privacy policy. Adcrux Media Pvt.Ltd will post a notice on the Site if it makes any significant changes to this Privacy Policy pertaining to the use or disclosure of specific information.


We may link to third-party websites or services ("Third- Party Services") or display, include, or make available third-party content (such as data, information, applications, and other products and services).
As you understand and consent, Pinnacle will not be held liable for any Third-Party Services' accuracy, timeliness, completeness, validity, compliance with copyright, legality, decency, quality, or any other aspect. Regarding any Third-Party Services, Pinnacle does not and will not assume any liability or responsibility towards you or any other person or entity.

Links to and from third-party services are provided only for your convenience; you access and use them at your own risk and are bound by the terms and conditions of those third parties.

Policy of Opt-Out

If you no longer wish to receive communication from Adcrux Media Pvt.Ltd for notification and promotional purposes, please uncheck the box below. By opting out, you will no longer receive any future communication from Adcrux Media Pvt.Ltd through SMS and other channels.

Opt-In Guidelines

I voluntarily consent to receiving notifications and promotional materials from Adcrux Media Pvt.Ltd by checking the box below. I am aware that I could receive these messages via SMS as well as other channels. I understand that giving my consent is completely voluntary and that I can change my mind at any moment.

In order to receive communications from the brand through any of the channels listed below, the user must expressly consent:

Text Messaging
Informational or promotional messages sent through mobile devices As a result, the opt-in form must include one or more of the aforementioned key words or phrases that users can choose to include or remove. If the opt-in form does not contain any of the aforementioned phrases, the same phrase must be mentioned in the terms of services (ToS), and the opt-in form may include a link to the ToS.


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