These Terms of Service (these "Terms") are the legal terms that Adcrux Media requires all developers and other users/clients to accept and implement in order to use our web services at and other websites owned and/or operated by Adcrux Media (the "Website(s)"), and/or to access or use the application programming interfaces provided on or in connection with the Adcrux Media Platform ("API(s)"), including any documentation, materials, code, data (such as logs as defined below), files (such as AIML and Other Files as defined below), and other information or materials that Adcrux Media makes available to clients on or in connection with the APIs (collectively, "Adcrux Media") to develop Bots for use in your products or devices ("Devices") and/or your software application.


Charges - Refers to all costs that Adcrux bills the client for the services received. Fees may be invoiced as one-time or recurring, flat or variable (based on usage), respectively.

Applicable Laws - Includes any statute, act, rule, regulation, guidelines, policy, or other pronouncement that has the legal force of any government authority, as interpreted and implemented, including any changes or amendments made thereto.

Contents - Text messages sent by the client via Adcrux media platforms and services are referred to as "contents." Examples of this type of communication include SMS and WhatsApp messages.

Client - Any natural person acting outside the scope of an economic activity and for purposes other than trade, business, craft, or profession; client means the legal person client of Adcrux Media entering into the Contract or agreement, as identified on the online registration form upon signing up and creating an account.

Subcontractors - signifies contractors, vendors, agents, and/or consultants chosen and hired by the client under a contract (not employment contract) in which the client retains the contractor, vendor, agent, and/or consultant in exchange for their agreement to supply all or a portion of the services.

End User - means any third party being a recipient of Content from Client.

Survival as well as severability-

Despite the expiration or termination of these Terms of Use, the rights and obligations arising out of them that by their very nature should survive—or are expressly stated to do so here—shall remain in full force and effect to the extent that they do. The remainder of these terms of use will remain enforceable, binding on the parties, and unaffected in the event that any provision (or portion of a provision) is found to be invalid or unenforceable.


We reserve the right to change or update the Website(s), Adcrux Media Pvt.Ltd Content and/or the Adcrux Media Platform at any time, for any reason and without prior notice to you. You agree that you are solely responsible for making changes to your device or application to ensure uninterrupted service to your end users in the event that Adcrux Media makes updates, modifications, breaking changes or in any other way modifies the API or other Adcrux Media Content. Our Adcrux Median Content and APIs are always evolving and improving. We reserve the right to add or remove features or functionalities at our sole discretion and we make no guarantees about the compatibility of your device or application with any future or modified version of the Adcrux Media Content or the API.

Privacy and data protection

The Client shall guarantee that the necessary consents under Applicable Data Protection Laws have been obtained from the users and/or individuals/data subjects, unless expressly specified otherwise in these Terms of Use. By using this agreement, the Client understands and agrees that Adcrux Media Pvt.Ltd will not be liable to any users for any damages resulting from the Client's collection and use of any Personal Data.

Contact details

All communications or notices permitted or required to be given or served to Adcrux Media Pvt Ltd under these Terms of Use must be in writing and addressed to the Adcrux Media as specified below. Adcrux Media may update these details from time to time, and they will also be made available through the Solution.

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